Why Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 classic hatha yoga postures (asanas) and 2 breathing exercises (pranayama & kapalbhati) that touch every tissue in your body during a 90-minute yoga class. Postures are always executed in the same order at a temperature of 38-40 degree celsius. The heat helps promote flexibility, reduces the risk of injuries and helps the body to detox.

Bikram yoga is challenging

Simple but not easy. It is designed so that each posture is a preparation for the following. In this way the body gets the chance to slowly open, and become more flexible. The series is for all practitioners, experienced and beginners.

Bikram Yoga physically promotes strength, flexibility, stamina and relaxation. On a mental level, you develop physical awareness, better concentration, self-control and patience. Time will teach you to control and regulate your breath more efficiently, which will strengthen, deepen and calm your practice.

Bikram yoga works!

It has the power to make great changes in your body and your life. It combines the benefits of physical exercise, deep tissue massage and meditation. It also brings more unity in your being. You will experience many of these benefits in your daily life. Doing this yoga together makes it more inspiring to practice. Students serve as examples for each other, and moving together creates group energy, support and unity in class.

We are very happy to introduce this yoga to Düsseldorf, and aim to provide a pleasant and safe environment, in which people can find a place to expand their lives in many ways, through doing the postures and learning how to breathe and control the body and the mind.

There is only one way to discover the beauty of this yoga: do the introduction and come as often as you can!