The original hot yoga

8 days of unlimited yoga for only 25 Euro

Our special offer for everybody, who wants to try bikram yoga. Within 8 days you can join our yoga-classes as often as you want – and you only pay 25 Euro. Discover bikram yoga.

Why Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is an extraction of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises from hundreds of ancient hatha yoga postures, very cleverly ordered  for a 90-minute yoga class, which is designed to improve the lives of people who live a western lifestyle. The combination of warmth (40 degrees) and humidity (50-60%) makes this yoga more accessible for the body and safer to practice, increases effectiveness, and adds an aerobic quality to this class that helps to build stamina and speeds up the detoxifying process.

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Never too old, never too sick to start all over from scratch again.


Why Bikram Yoga Düsseldorf?

Qualified teachers

BYD offers you yoga classes taught only by qualified teachers who have studied with Bikram himself. We are constantly working and learning in order to deepen our knowledge and experience of yoga, and how we  communicate it. Our teachers aim to deepen your practice by emphasizing precision and perfect execution of the posture. This teaches you how to do the postures in a safe way, and helps you to find calm deep breathing and stillness of mind.

Hygiene and safety

The highest levels of hygiene and safety in the yoga room are a primary concern, and therefore we have chosen an anti-bacterial floor that does not become slippery when wet. This floor is specially developed for hot yoga studios.

State-of-the-art heating system

We will also operate a  state-of-the-art heating system that heats the air whilst checking its CO2 levels and adding fresh air and oxygen to keep the climate in the yoga room warm, humid and of excellent quality.

Relaxing and friendly atmosphere

We have separate changing rooms and showers for men and women. We are responsible for our environment and offer you natural soaps and shampoos. Please leave perfumed cosmetics and sprays at home; in the yoga school we appreciate a clean and natural atmosphere. We have lockers for wallets and mobile phones, which are free of charge.

We will answer your questions

Can I do this yoga? Do I have to be flexible? Can I lose weight by doing Bikram Yoga? Why the heat? What if I feel unwell in class?

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What our yoga students say about us

I got my first Bikram Yoga class as a birthday gift. Since then I became a big fan!


I expected nothing and was super surprised how wonderful and healing even the first session was.

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