What our yoga students say about us


I do Yoga since 2007. Due to a bad neck tension I started to try different kinds of Yoga such as Vinyasa or Poweryoga which I liked both. I started getting a lot more flexible and experienced a new physical and mental wellbeing. When I transferred to Zurich I tried Bikram Yoga for the first time – back then there was no such studio in Düsseldorf. I felt okay during my first class, but I was confused by the poses and the procedure. It was so different from every other yoga class so far. “Ischnuffe” and “Usschnuffe”, as they call breathing in and out in Switzerland, became my new credo. And stayed my motto until today – except that it is Standard German now and that I can practice in a beautiful studio in Düsseldorf, that I live in walking distance to. In the meantime I did my first 30 days challenge and bought an annual ticket. I do Bikram Yoga up to 4 times a week and I love it. “Doesn’t it get boring – the same poses all the time?” I get this question a lot. And my answer is: “No, it doesn’t. Not, if you learn to be aware of the small details and to listen carefully to your teacher. It also helps you to focus in your everyday life.”


I started to practice yoga about 10 years ago during my studies in Hamburg. Actually it all began with zen-gymnastics – a practice similar to yoga which was invented by monks as a routine in their monastery. I loved it, but it’s very unknown. Since I moved a lot I returned to yoga and practiced different ways in different studios. One year ago I tried Bikram Yoga in Munich for the first time – and got addicted to it. I love the heat, the special atmosphere and the fact that it never ceases to be challenging. Back in my hometown Duesseldorf I luckily found Peter’s studio which is artistically pure and by far the most beautiful studio I know! Yoga helped me through a lot of situations in my life and I know that I will always stick to it.


My former girlfriend told me about Bikram Yoga. She started practicing it years ago and always had many positive things to share about it. Personally, I thought of taking yoga classes many times before, since I am always in a risk of injury due to my other passion, basketball. I never thought that it would be Bikram Yoga though! On August 23rd I was ready for it – I decided to go for the Intro-Week special. The first class was really hard though, especially if you think you are really sporty, like I did. I played Basketball almost every day, but after the 90 minutes class I did my first afternoon nap since the age of 4! I never did anything more exhausting in my life, but in the evening, I felt very good. I decided to use the whole eight classes of the intro week. After that, I learnt, that I could extend it up to 30 days – and I did those as well.

The 30 days were pretty hard, but also very successful. Especially the last days were difficult for me – but the first day after my 30 days challenge I was back in the hot room again – and I didn’t stop ever since.


I got my first Bikram Yoga class as a birthday gift. Since then I became a big fan! At the beginning, the classes were very exhausting and pushed me to my limits. Right from the start all the effort was worth it though: My back pain disappeared, my posture improved and I built up muscles. I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for 10 months now. It is a perfect timeout from the daily routine. Bikram Yoga keeps me physically and mentally strong.


I started Yoga in 2009 in Costa Mesa / LA, after a recommendation of a friend in order to reduce work related stress. I expected nothing and was super surprised how wonderful and healing even the first session was: I have practiced Bikram there in the US for 1.5 years about 3 times a week and particularly liked it since it includes

  • A very tough work out where all muscles and joints are stretched and build with only body weight. No gym needed anymore.
  • Many calories are burned per session; I would not put on any weight.
  • Body cleansing through extensive sweating takes place: less visits for SPA facial cleansing sessions.
  • 90 minutes is the perfect time to calm down and detach from daily stress, not possible at home or elsewhere
  • and other benefits the reduction of back pain, better sleep and a big increase of energy level

I had to stop regular practice since I moved back to Düsseldorf in 2010, which did not have a studio at that time. In 2011, I moved to Asia and started practicing again. I realized I had only lost very little of my flexibility and was back to my old condition in no time. Seems that the flexibility you gain last longer that one might think. Last year I returned to Düsseldorf and by accident found out that Bikram Yoga Düsseldorf was established. Thank you Peter for putting such a great studio into place!!! So happy we finally have the chance to practice here in Düsseldorf as well.


I have been doing Yoga for quite some time now. I started in Senegal. After that I was living in India for a while and back to Germany, I mainly did online courses. At the beginning Bikram Yoga didn’t seem very exciting to me, since the sequence of the postures is always the same. After my first classes with Cecilia and Peter I knew better! It is the engagement and focus we put on the exact same postures that inspires me most every time I join a class. This way I am able to rest my mind completely while challenging my physical limits.

I have the feeling that Bikram Yoga gets better and more intensive every time I join a class. After 90 minutes in the hot room I feel as relaxed as having been in a sauna for a long time – and as beat as having done a long run! What a brilliant combination! Additionally the room climate reminds me of my time in Senegal and India. Yoga just has to be hot!”