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This yoga practice is life changing. All you need are these 26 postures added to your daily routine. They can change your life in a feel-good kinda way. It’s been happening to me for some time now.

After my very first class almost 20 years ago I was addicted to Bikram Yoga for one reason only. I felt amazing. I literally felt energy moving up and down my spine. It felt like someone had flipped the light switch on the full capacity to my senses.

I played almost 10 years of American football and ran track and field. I also danced and sang on stage. So I was especially body sensitive when I took my first class.

I became a Bikram teacher 10 months later. Still today I religiously perform daily these same 26 postures. Magic!

Since our body is all that we really have it seems logical that if I want to have a positive more than negative experience on this planet then feeling my presence, my energy body would respond to its maximum with Bikram Yoga.

Bikram yoga has the potential of helping you go deep into you and your inner body energy world. With the right approach and the right integration between simultaneous engaging and surrendering in perfect harmony with the lungs. Your breath. Oxygen. You can experience life at its maximum energy level.

Come join us sometime!

A new team of teachers and Gino will be at the front door to greet you!